Global Dignity Article appearing in August Newsletter of World Economic Forum


What does Dignity mean to you?

Global Dignity Day was founded by three Young Global Leaders in the US. The event is held annually in mid-October each year in the US and had since grown and now spans across 30 countries and regions. Diana Tsui, also a Young Global Leader, bought Global Dignity to Hong Kong in 2009 and the first Global Dignity Day was hosted at a local underprivileged school on 4 July 2009. Over 250 Form four students attended, of which 60% were ethnic minorities from countries such as Pakistan, Sri-lanka and India. More than 60 volunteers from community organizations such as KPMG, Lion’s Club and Yuet Foon Group as well as a few local Young Global Leaders acted as facilitators on this day. Global Dignity Hong Kong's operations had since grown and it is now supported by a dedicated team of permanent members, volunteers and a group of long-standing sponsors and strategic partners. Our aim is to continue to reach youth from the age 10 to 18 around the world and to hold Global Dignity Days in 50% of the world's countries by 2020. Global Dignity Day creates a platform for students to freely exchange their interpretation of dignity and their personal stories about how dignity has played a role in their lives. According to Mary Ngan Ma-sim, a student sharing her story at one of the first Global Dignity Day in Hong Kong, "Dignity comes from the belief in yourself, even though others may not believe in you." Connie Lau Man-yuen, head of the school's multicultural education events, believes "Dignity is an area we value in our school with our multicultural mix of students from 25 nationalities. Through the event, we hope students would build their understanding of their identities and values, and learn to respect others.”

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