2016 Photos

Global Dignity Workshop 2017.10.27   Hong Kong (Delia Memorial School at Hip W0)

Global Dignity Workshop 2017.07.12   Hong Kong (Buddhist Fat Ho Memorial College)

Global Dignity Workshop 2016.11.17  Hong Kong (Fung Yiu King School)

Global Dignity Workshop 2016.10.27 Hong Kong (Delia Memorial School at Glee Path)

Global Dignity Workshop 2016.10.14   Hong Kong (Delia Memorial School at Hip Wo)

Dignity Moves 2016.8.14   Hong Kong (Central Harbourfront Event Space)

Global Dignity Workshop 2016.6.21   Hong Kong (Buddhist Fat Ho Memorial College)


2015 Photo

Hong Kong (Lingnan University)

Hong Kong (HKCWC Fung Yiu King Memorial School)

Hong Kong (Caritas Tuen Mun Marden Foundation Sec. School)

2015 Video

Introducing the collaboration of Global Dignity Hong Kong and Hong Kong Spirit in 2015 by Francis Ngai, Board of Directors – Global Dignity Hong Kong. A series of Global Dignity Day x Hong Kong Spirit events were held in Oct. Hundreds of secondary school students shared their views and inspirations from discussion about dignity.

Fred Lam – Guest Speaker at Lingnan University
(2015 Oct 8)


2014 Photo

Hong Kong (Lingnan)

2014 Video

Organised in Lingnan University
(Year 2014)

2013 Photo

Beijing (Fenyuanfu Primary school)

Beijing (Dandelion school)

Beijing (Gaojing school)

Beijing (Shijingshan school)

Hong Kong (Delia Memorial School – Glee Path)

Hong Kong (Delia Memorial School – Hip Wo Campus)

Shanghai (Best)

Shanghai – 六灶中学

Shanghai – 唐镇中学

Shanghai – 张江实验中学

Shanghai – 新云台学校

Shanghai – 施湾中学

Shanghai – 杨园中学

Shanghai – 秋萍学校

Shanghai – 蔡路中学

Shanghai – 黄路中学

Shanghai – 龚路中学

Sichuan – 磁峰中学学校

Kick Off Dinner 2013 Beijing

2012 Photo


Hong Kong (Law Kwai Cheung)


Participating Schools


School Name

Hong Kong

Lingnan University
Delia Memorial School – Hip Wo Campus
Delia Memorial School – Glee Path
Lions Clubs International Ho Tak Sum Primary School
The Hong Kong Management Association K S Lo College


Dandelion school
Gaojing school
Shijingshan school
Fenyuanfu Primary school


Cifeng COSCO School, Pengzhou City


Shanghai Yangyuan Middle School
Shanghai Huanglu School
Gonglu Public Secondary School
Shanghai Tangzhen Middle School
Shanghai Cailu Middle School
Shanghai Qiupin School
Zhangjiang Experimental High School to East China Normal University
Shanghai Sunqiao Middle School
Shanghai Shiwan Middle School
Shanghai Donglin Middle School
Shanghai Xinyuntai Senior High School
Shanghai Liuzhao Middle School
Shanghai Hangtou Private Primary School