Global Dignity was founded by three Young Global Leaders at the World Economic Forum: HRH Crown Prince Haakon (Norway), Professor Pekka Himanen (Finland) and founder of Operation HOPE, John Hope Bryant (United States).

The three Young Global Leaders realized that the one universal value that everyone in the world could agree on, irrespective of their differences is: We all want our Dignity to be recognized. Dignity is universal. Dignity is also the source of human rights.

The co-founders created Global Dignity in 2006. Since then they have worked with many Young Global Leaders and other partners in over 40 countries, hosting what are known as “Global Dignity Days”. This involves visiting local schools and communities around the world and teaching a "course in dignity" to youth.

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Crown Prince Haakon of Norway

HRH Crown Prince Haakon of Norway is the heir to the Norwegian throne. He has many official roles in Norway and is patron of various associations. He is also a Goodwill Ambassador for the United Nations Development Programme, and an Executive Board member for Global Dignity.

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Pekka Himanen

Pekka Himanen is a philosopher and professor at the Helsinki Institute of Technology. He was the former Director of the Berkley Center for information Society. He recently acted as an advisor to the Finnish Parliament and President and he is also an Executive Board member for Global Dignity.

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John Hope Bryant

Founder, Chairman, and CEO of financial literacy empowerment nonprofit Operation HOPE. John Hope Bryant is known as one of the foremost authorities on poverty eradication around the world. An advisor to the last three sitting U.S. presidents, a thought leader, public speaker, and an innovator in the business of empowerment, Bryant is no stranger to poverty. Born and raised in South Los Angeles’ notorious Compton, CA he was homeless for six months by the age of 18. Finding his way out of poverty, he has dedicated his life to leading the way for others. He served on President Barack Obama’s Advisory Council on Financial Capability and is an internationally-recognized leader in transforming low-wealth communities into self-sustaining neighborhoods. Bryant is a prolific writer, and best-selling author of Love Leadership: The New Way to Lead in a Fear-Based World. He is a member of USA Today’s CEO panel and a regular contributor to the Huffington Post. Bryant has received over 400 awards and citations for his advocacy work, including Oprah Winfrey’s Use Your Life Award.

Vision & Mission

Vision: We empower people with dignity

Mission: We help youth and adults to become their best self and help others to achieve the same

Dignity Principles

The concept of global dignity includes the following five principles:

  1. Every human being has a right to lead a dignified life.
  2. A dignified life means an opportunity to fulfill one’s potential, which is based on having a human level of health care, education, income and security.
  3. Dignity means having the freedom to make decisions on one’s life and to be met with respect for this right.
  4. Dignity should be the basic guiding principle for all actions.
  5. Ultimately, our own dignity is interdependent with the dignity of others.

On The Day

classroom />On this day, Young Global Leaders and other role models join thousands of volunteers to conduct Dignity Days. They speak to youth in the Middle East, Europe, Asia, Africa and the Americas. Their aim is to instill a new, positive, inclusive and interconnected sense of value in young people that will guide them as they grow. At a Global Dignity Day session, facilitators – people who make the Dignity Principles their own – go into schools and talk with youths about dignity. Facilitators can be plumbers, health workers, bankers… in short, anyone who wants to see young people become their best self can be a role model. A typical Dignity Day session lasts about two hours. The guest speaker usually starts by telling his or her own story about dignity, thereafter, the youths are asked to define dignity in their own words. After discussing the Dignity Principles, the youths would tell their own stories in front of the class. Finally, the youths would also write a letter to themselves stating what they want to achieve for themselves and others through dignity. A year later, the letters will be sent back to the youths.

A Global Effort

Global Dignity International


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The Team


Board of Directors :

Diana Tsui

Diana’s career has spanned continents, businesses and sectors. Having lived and worked in Japan, China and North America, Diana brings a truly international perspective to her work and is passionate about the development of CSR, impact philanthropy, social entrepreneurship in Asia, and key global issues such as education and extreme poverty. Diana joined KPMG in 2007 and was formerly the Head of Corporate Social Responsibility & Diversity for KPMG China. She oversaw the establishment of the KPMG Foundation in 2008 and has also served as the CEO until April 2014. Diana recently joined JPMorgan Chase as the Head of Global Philanthropy for Asia Pacific. She sits on various charitable boards including the board of the China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation in the PRC and the Mercy Corps Asia Council in USA. In 2010 Diana was named a Yale World Fellow (the first from Hong Kong), and she was honored as a Young Global Leader by the World Economic Forum in 2011. She is a sought after speaker from Asia on topics related to CSR, philanthropy, civil society and women leadership.

Francis Ngai

Francis Ngai is the Founder and CEO of Social Ventures Hong Kong (www.sv-hk.org), the first non-profit venture philanthropy organization dedicated to support and nurture social innovation in Hong Kong since 2007. Portfolio social enterprises include Diamond Cab, Dialogue in the Dark, Concert in the Dark, Green Monday, LightBe affordable housing, and Playtao Education etc. He is also a visiting lecturer at university, a column writer, member of a few government advisory bodies and board member of Asia Venture Philanthropy Network. As a running veteran, he finished North Pole Marathon 2013 and an ultra-marathon challenge of 250km race at Gobi desert in 2012. He obtained a bachelor degree from City University of Hong Kong and was awarded as Honorary Fellow in 2013. He was selected as Ten Outstanding Young Persons Hong Kong 2011 and Young Global Leader of World Economic Forum 2012.


Program Manager :

Eileen Chow

Eileen is committed to community services that empower the underprivileged. She has been working with low income families and children for over 15 years. She has been a member of KPMG's CSR team for 8 years, worked with a number of NGOs and corporates on a diversed range of CSR initiatives. Amongst the highlights, she has led regular service trips to Sichuan and Gansu to serve underprivileged youth and local communities in remote areas. She is also undertaking further studies to be a qualified counsellor. She joined Global Dignity Hong Kong as a project manager and is responsible for the day-to-day operation as well as engagement of key stakeholders, including schools, businesses and other NGOs to further advocate positive values and instil the GD spirit within individuals and the community.


Project Director :

Ricci Chan

Ricci grew up in Australia and is a Masters Graduate in Accounting and Law at the University of New South Wales. He worked as a consultant in Australia and Hong Kong in the financial services industry. Ricci came to Hong Kong as a consultant with KPMG and was quickly involved in community service by becoming regular volunteer in the firm's Corporate Social Responsibility program. After leaving the firm, he continued to serve the community by supporting a number of NGOs, including the mentoring of 2 youths at the Society for Community Organization, a business advisor to the Junior Achievers' Company Program, a counsellor on the YBHK's hotline, sorting and packing at the St James Settlement, and other charitable organizations and events. He became an active member of Global Dignity in 2016, and will continue to dedicate his time to serve the community and promote a positive culture amongst youth in Hong Kong.


Project Assistant :

Kiki Guo

Kiki actively participates in community services. She grew up in a socially and economically disadvantaged environment, and understands the value of “hope” in life’s most critical moments. She served as the President of the Children’s Right Leadership Scheme, an initiative by the Society for Community Organization to help children under poverty, for two years. She is currently studying Accounting Degree in Hong Kong and joined Global Dignity Hong Kong as a Project Assistant in 2017. She is responsible for the administration and day-to-day operations, and is engaged in the promotion of our programs and values to the community.